Last year I had the privilege to work with Hope Stone photographing and documenting the making process on these projects. 

Below is a showcase of some moments of the filming.

Rule #4: Don’t walk on the sidewalk (work-in-progress)
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH)
virtual performance
Click to see a excerpt of the work

Hope Stone Dance, part of the inaugural Fall 2020 CAMHLAB artist residency presents a work-in-progress Rule #4: Don’t walk on the sidewalk. Filmed at CAMH in November 2020, five women, each in their own sitting room with a chair, a lamp, a newspaper, and a sweater, are alone to reason with themselves, find balance or lose it, choose solitude or ache for connection. This work made by women about women explores the societal idea that women require community and connection, and the absurdities of rules that women feel compelled to follow. This virtual performance is an excerpt of the work, and the full piece will be presented at CAMH in July 2021.”

Artists: Jacquelyne Boe, Kayla Collymore, Lindsey McGill, Rachael Hutto, Britt Wallis

Project SmART Breaks | Digital Arts Library

Documenting the filming process for the Digital Arts Library for Hope Stone and their arts outreach programs.