A project

I worked hard today, and finished being a productive member of society for the day. I then took some time to dive into this book biding project, something I’ve been willing to try for a long time. The project involves a thread, a needle and patience, and I have to say, I’m not good in […]

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Play time

So, I was going through Misty Mawn’s book and I found this idea, that  I decided to try for myself. I’m not a big fan of stamps, I get a little ‘blah’* with the designs and I think they are too expensive for my moneys. I’d rather get a new doodling pen. Anyway, I’m having so […]

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Sunday projecT

On my last visit to Rio, I saw a nice piece of hand-made furniture at my dad’s house. He had it custom-made to fit his LPs. I came back to Houston and asked my talented husband Mike to make us one, as his LPs were all over the place, cluttering my mini-studio-home-office. And I know […]

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