Inspiration reality and the creative rut

Coming out of a creative rut is not easy. It takes effort, will and courage. I found that, with time, the rut feels comfortable, and even the most uncomfortable feelings become companions, a sort of comrades during the desert pilgrimage. You walk around feeling out of focus, distracted by anything and everything, unable to move towards […]

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Artsy workshop

Mindy invited me to take part of it, as a guest artist. I was excited, happy, scared and, above all, grateful. Grateful for having met such talented, funny, amazingly sensitive people on this journey. Soulbird workshop is the next thing, hosted by the great intuitive artist Mindy Lacefield. Click on the image and check out what […]

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Art du Jour

  This piece was inspired by the outbacks/bandits famous couple, Lampião and Maria Bonita, that used to act in the interior of the northeast of Brazil. “Captain” Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, better known as Lampião (more archaic spelling ‘Lampeão’, Portuguese pronunciation: [lɐ̃piˈɐ̃w], meaning “lantern” or “oil lamp”), was the most famous bandit leader of the Cangaço. Cangaço was a form of banditry endemic to the Brazilian Northeast […]

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Art going places

Last summer I was in Budapest, Hungary for a week when, after flipping through photographs on the iPhone, our host Albert, owner and manager of the charming-must-stay B&B Kapital Inn saw a picture of one of my artworks in progress. After ohs and ahs, I offered him to make a piece to display on the […]

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Photo 358

This project has been a great motivation to get my camera out and about. I’ve been turning into the streets around the neighborhood just to find the most picturesque scenes, like this bull, resting his bones on the wide fenced pasture. As I approached the fence with my camera, I could sense that he was […]

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