Current work

For this new series I used my own photographs, observational sketches and fashion magazines, which combined made me dive in and observe the routine up close, as I tried to pluck the extraordinary out of the ordinary things.

I wanted to work on the concept of selfies, not only the face, but cropped parts and snapshots of the surrounding inanimate things, and the body being in the moment as the capsule of movements, intentions and emotions.

My choice for small surfaces has a lot to do with that, as they could work like the little pieces of our lives, how our demeanour and reactions reveal who we are.

They are mostly rendered in gouache paint, as I enjoy working with this medium and consider it to be very generous. The flat finish also interests me, as it suited to the theme of this series.

As I finished this first part of the work, I can see that there is also a bit of humour in it, which in a way, can distract and open us up to deeper meanings. I find this facet of the work very intriguing and dynamic, and this is something I want to explore and take it further to larger surfaces.

These works were exhibited at the Aclure Gallery, in Sag Harbor, NY – US, summer 2016.