or the past few weeks, I’ve been busy trying to reorganise life, as if it is possible. Life has a way of happening and there is very little we can do about it. It doesn’t wait for us to be ‘ready’, or to have the perfect line-up, the right amount of time or money. It just happens, and we have to move and go.

On the first part of the year I went to Brazil, unexpectedly, as it were. And I came back with great insights and a lot of photos to look back and remember the smells and colours of the places that are part of me. Keeping history.

I had forgotten how good it is to be ‘at home’, to understand the language and the way people move, the hand signals, the expressions, the passion for football and good food. We eat very well in Brazil. And the water tastes good too.

When I took a look at the blog, it was too much work to backtrack three years of abandonment. I’m going to start it as if I had left it yesterday, better that way. I’m not going to worry about sounding clever, cool, libertarian, conservative or trendy. I’m passed the age of caring and I can’t stress enough how good it feels to live life without giving a toss. Life is too short, life is good. Without Facebook is even better. But this is a talk for another post, as I have to start collecting stuff to talk about and make it interesting enough to see if I can regain at least my 3 readers back.



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