If there is anyone interested in the details of my ordinary life, something has to be said after a severed finger on the blender, a tooth extracted by my talented dentist and a disastrous hair cut. The bad hair cut is what bother me the least, as they say that hair do grow back. As for the tooth…

Between one pill and another, I decided that it was time to spring clean my digital life and that was when I found out that I needed at least 2 extra lives to be able to do it all. Amazing. I come from a time when the delete button would do the job, but no, now we have the freaking Cloud, the invisible back ups, endless-useless copies, and the files that go through a sort of mitosis. There is no App for that. Tech hangover for 3 days.

Mike looks at me with a mixture of pity and oblivion. The old poodle sleeps through it all as I operate on my laptop. If I could, I’d go breaking all the terabytes and my computer would be like those we see in the movies, click, pow! opening 34 different windows, WITH IMAGES, just like that.

coffee2 copy

As everything has two sides, A and B, it was good and bad. Not bad as turning for worse, but when we tide stuff up, we run out of excuses. Inanimate things have a way of catching up with me, so now, I have to work on the blog and this is a never ending job. The good side of it is that I can do it without losing the extra life that I have left, which is busy getting ready for the next trip.

I’ll be going to Brazil to see the family and to avoid the Olympic Games.

Only after my tooth has grown back, though.


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