2016 | Young age | Gouache on board| By Tati Vice

When I looked and it was June, half the year was gone already. Hobby Lobby has all the July 4th decorations ready to go, and soon it will be time for the Xtmas trees. In Houston, it has been raining since 1845, with floods that reach France and Argentina together, and in Brazil things seem to be er… a little off centre. As usual, I have NOT comply to any of my non-New Year’s resolutions, which in a way, makes me feel quite good, but I’ve been keeping up with the news.

One of the things I like to do, as my 5 readers are well aware, is to cook. Before I go into the bloody mess,  I should say that, I shall not publish disgusting photos of my stitches or of my severed index finger. Things like that irks me. That’s why I still live in the time when we wrote letters to each other and, if we had to tell the person of our little mishaps, photos were definitely not included. I won’t go into much detail, I shall only say that, I may or may not have turned on the blender and well, I shall leave at that. All I can say is, typing has been a little slower than usual.

This bloody event reminded me of a story I heard on the moth radio a while ago. This poor chap, Ed Gavagan, survived being stabbed by a gang in NY, followed by a car crash, and if you are not doing anything interesting, you can hear his story in the Moth Radio page, here. I find it beautiful how the human body can heal, indeed a miracle, as I look at my own skin and see things trying to return to a normal finger tip.

coffee2 copy
Last weekend I went to see an exhibition of the works of  William Copley, of whom I’d never heard before. I say things like that because I do believe in confessing my ignorance, it makes me a better and clever person. As I was looking at the huge canvases and the way he seemed to paint with total freedom, I read in the exhibition leaflet that he was a self-taught artist and would get his inspiration from porn magazines and other photographs, hence a certain obsession on the theme. They say inspiration is everywhere, and I agree, it is, what you do with it is what matters.

So, I’m taking my inspiration in everyday life and from the people that live in my head. I have embarked into a new project with a friend and should be fun to show the work to the people that booked all the cheap Airbnbs for the summer in Sag Harbor, NY. We will be in a studio/ gallery for the weekend and that’s all the details I have.  Summer is coming.



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