When I was doing Movement studies, I would hear from my masters: “the movement happens from inside out“.

This  simple concept can be hard to grasp, particularly when everything else around us say otherwise, that aesthetics and technique should come first on any sort of individual expression, as we live in this world of images. Body work, more specifically in the ballet world, a good pointed toes, the right placement of the arms and the right alignment of an arabesque is worth more than a thousand individual expressions. it took me a long time to understand and to be able to use all the technique I had towards my inner movement, without getting into too much conflict. On the other hand, it is also interesting to note that, there is or you can come across some sort of dictatorship in this concept, and depending on the approach, you better watch out in a body- expression or bio-dance class, if they see you posting your toes, you might get in big trouble. It is like they say, all extremes are dum, and a perfect organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and soy and addictive free meal might as well be a good plate of ice made from the purest water from the virgin spring fountains.

coffee2 copy

This intro was an attempt to put my thoughts in order, as my head started spinning after reading an article by Margarita Tartakovsky about the creative process. If you think that this is too far away from your life, take a look around you and observe how you organize your life, the things you colect, your routine and the times you have to improvise to get to work on time, or when you are cooking dinner, and you are about to find your own creative process. Some people think that this is for artists. Maybe artists think more about that, but to be alive is a never ending dance.

“Getting creative about your creative process” is a good read. Here is a quote, as it relates to what I was saying about doing things the way other people do, as it is the right way and it might work for me too, kind of thought:

Whatever you’re working on, let the creative process work for you. Start from the inside out. Consider what works best for your natural tendencies and preferences. Think about what sounds like fun to you. Think about what seems fascinating and helpful. Embrace your own unique way of creating — whatever that looks like.

coffee2 copy

A picture of the work I did yesterday, as I observe my own creative rut. The world is very noisy and one of the things that works for me, before I start anything, is to spend some time in silence, breathing to give a chance to listen what is inside and wants to be expressed, while I put things down on the surface.

Ipswich Mixed media on canvas 24 x 18 in
Mixed media on canvas
24 x 18 in

Gotta work.


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