Vacation plans, as it is well known, usually start with trying to save money to spend on the trip; but you need to prepare for the trip, so you end up spending the money you saved buying miniature versions of things like shampoo, liquid soap, contact lenses cleansers, Tide sachets to wash nickers, smelly socks and the like etc. This is when you enter the Land of the Giants without knowing.

After almost reaching the end of the internet, I had applied all the tips on ‘how to pack light’ and I was happy with the results. Things tend to feel ever so lighter when you excited about something.

First stop was Paris, to catch a TGV to the South and from there another packed train to the small village and then a lift on a Jeep to Mas Pinet. The light and small suitcase was weighting a ton and by then, I had lost my sense of time and direction, but my eyes were still open to see this:

View of Mas Pinet
View of Mas Pinet
The house
The House
Petit déjeuner. I've learned that chia seeds soaked in water overnight tastes great with yogurt.
Petit déjeuner. I’ve learned that chia seeds soaked in water overnight taste great with yogurt.
Kiwi flowers
Kiwi flowers. The little kiwis were showing up by the time I was leaving.
A resting place
To rest looking at the view: priceless
The little beautiful details

After a week of painting, meeting new people, eating wonderful foods and drinking amazing wines, I’d decided that I should have been born there, and there I should stay forever. I’ve never thought I could do this:

High wire
Trying to get on the high wire. Scared.

I think I’ve managed to celebrate my 50’s in grand style.

Paris, à suivre.

Au revoir.

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