The text below is by a theatre director, one of those people you bump into on the journey and with whom I had the privilege to work, while in Brazil.

Although it was not my first time  working as a dancer with a theatre director, his sometimes challenging  approach to art helped me to stretch and to think about  the boundary between art forms, my work as an artist and how to close the gap in my own head. This has been very useful to me, as I shift from art forms.

The text is about how politically correctness is contradictory to art.

I think, or vive Campos de Carvalho!

By Eduardo Wotzik

Do not demand politic correctness from humor. Politic correctness, as the expression goes, is how politicians should be. A politician must be politically correct, but as they do not want this responsibility, they shift to artists and comedians, the suckers, the people struggling for funds, the commitment to be ’well behaved’. Well, an artist cannot ‘behave’.
Some of the most Machiavelli way to destroy Art and artists is to force them into mediocracy, demand from Art morality, good manners and/or diminish it before society.
Art is to open windows, explore the unknown, play with the unthinkable, expand creation, widen humanity.
All can be resumed into knowing the difference between reality and fiction.
People that doesn’t know how to play, cannot go to the playground, as they cannot understand the game, or can’t tell a lie from the truth. Can’t play, stays suffocated ‘in between’, divided by a forbidden and liberating delirium and the allowed real life and its mortal condition.
When I hear a joke, it is not for me to agree or disagree with it; but I can agree or disagree with an opinion. When I hear a joke, it is for me to either find it funny and laugh at it, or not.
The world has become so confusing that I’ve been laughing at opinions and discussing a joke’s merit.


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