When non-resolutions work

By Tati Vice
Maine – Dec 2014

Looking at the calendar I see that January is almost over, and around me nothing has really changed. I might have stopped smoking, but this is something I don’t say out loud, as I don’t want to raise expectations. I might have, and it feels good. No, this was not a new-years resolution, as I’ve never been a very resolute person and I’ve never really saw the point of forcing goals into my being as a motivation for doing something that I’d fail at it anyway.

Yes, I’m a firmer believer that changes happen from the inside, at least the ones that last, that make a difference, that really shift  behaviors and minds. Real changes take time and willingness to go where the reason is, where the conscious mind can overcome all the self-pity, excuses, victimization feelings, where we can give us a chance of being someone better.

No, I don’t think smoking made me a bad person, not at all. It just made me a little anxious, and fidgety. I also know that I didn’t smell very good, but hey, I have to deal with human smells around me everyday, so…

There, I’ve said it. Let’s see what happens now.

coffee2 copy

On another note, I’ve been busy trying to build a body of work where I can go and explore creative grounds.

This year looks very promising and I’m excited to see some projects taking off, and dreams coming true. Meanwhile, I have finally given up the idea of ‘finding my style’. I understand that I have many voices, I like tapping into many things, and I know this is the improv-dancer in me: go places, get off the floor, roll over, repeat.

So, my art shall reflect that and I shall not be afraid. Here is what I came up with, since the new year started and I made no resolutions. So far, it is working for me.

Thèrése – Mixed media and oil pastel on panel
Raw portrait piece for a Primitive Portrait workshop with artist Mindy Lacefield. Gesso and charcoal on board.
La Famiglia – Mixed media on paper
Meh. Study. Watercolour on paper
La ville – Mixed media on paper

All these works are also posted on  “Art by Tati Vice” tab.

4 thoughts on “When non-resolutions work

  1. Loving reading your words Tati… I remember writing about changes that must come from the heart… a Psychodramatist mentor taught us about head knowledge that minimally impact on change vs heart knowledge or primary knowledge, which can be very small but with a huge impact on change!!
    Also, your art is very bold with your unique style. this is clearly your voice!!! and it’s beautiful!!
    with much love

    1. Thank you for your comment, Caro; I do come from a school of movement that valued the inner movement as a reference for all flow and dynamics in dance, and of course, in life. Thanks!

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