Some days are just like that: unpredictable. Maybe, they all are, but yesterday was heavy.

I have a companion who has been with me for 16 years, from the Order of Melchizedeck, who is deaf and a little blind, a microtoy, who occupies a huge space in the house, in the kitchen and in the bed. Gucci is Brazilian, and although he has learnt some french, nowadays he considers  himself a proud and adventurous Texan. So much so that, yesterday he decided to go for a walk by himself, got out through the gap on the backyard’s gate and off he went. I must say that he was not wearing his collar or name tag.

As I walked in the house back from work and realised  he was gone, a paralyzing sadness came upon me. I didn’t know where to start looking for him. So I went back out, walked around, got in the car, drove around the neighborhood and nothing. Then it dawned on me that some good soul had found my wondrous oldie and had taken him to shelter and that I should make some flyers with my contact info to have him back .

coffee2 copy


As I was doing just that, hanging LOST DOG flyers on the stoplight pole of a very busy intersection, a lady turning the corner, shout at me “It is AGAINST THE LAW to put posters on puuublic…..’

Already devastated by the situation, and utterly embarrassed to be there in the middle of the rush hour putting up flyers on the pole, I felt even more terrible, me, a good, law-abiding citizen, caught in the very illegal act of vandalizing the public space with a LOST DOG flyer. I could almost hear my grandpa rolling on his grave. Once a mayor of the city, he fined his own 3-year-old daughter for taking a flower from the public garden.

The friends who know me, also know that I’m a very shy person, weird even, but at that moment, finding my little dog was more important than obeying the law or succumbing to my shyness. I can say that I’ve improved a lot with age.

coffee2 copy

The story has a happy ending: an hour later, I got a phone call from the lady who had found him and Gucci came back home, exhausted from his little adventure. As oldies can be grumpy and stubborn, he acted as he had done nothing wrong. I must say he is conveniently  deaf, so he didn’t give a damn about what I had to say. I have since, removed the flyers from the prohibited places and so far, I  haven’t received any calls or visits by the police.

I’ve also learned that “It is allowed to do GOOD, or put flyers up on prohibited public places to find an old, lost and beloved pet”



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