Deception pass beach

There is something I experience every time I take art trips, which doesn’t have anything to do with getting high or the sort: inner shifts. These inner shifts, most of the time, come with a theme song, and this time,  was  ‘Walk on the wild side”, by Lou Reed.  So I did.

The wild side took a ride on the most amazing workshop with Katie Kendrick , a mixed media artist whom I call Blessed Creative Soul, ready to share her gifts and creative spirit with a group of six wonderful women. The story goes that things happen when women get together to create, to experience, to open themselves to whatever comes, to dive deep. And it happened, indeed.

At the beautiful Whidbey Island, WA, I dedicated a week’s time to do just that: taking a look at the wild side to see what was in store for me, contemplating the stillness of the lake, opening the gate of possibilities and having fun like a kid. I believe that’s when the work shapes into wonders that I could never imagine I’d be able to create. They are not master pieces executed with impeccable technique: they are conversations with the raw of what I am, with the core of my existence expressed in my art. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

Piece finished on day #1. I'm still working on it.
Sentinel. Mixed Media panel – Piece finished on day #1. I’m still working on it.
Crossing on the ferry boat to Whidbey Island
Crossing on the ferry-boat to Whidbey Island
Deception pass beach walk
A cowboy at the cafe.
At the dock
Fort Casey beach
I ate the apple from the apple tree
Going places at dusk
and so another day begins



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