Afeto, by Tati Vice – Mixed Media on canvas panel. All rights reserved©

Last summer I was in Budapest, Hungary for a week when, after flipping through photographs on the iPhone, our host Albert, owner and manager of the charming-must-stay B&B Kapital Inn saw a picture of one of my artworks in progress. After ohs and ahs, I offered him to make a piece to display on the B&B walls, as he told me they did not have an original art piece in there, and it would be great and I felt so honored that he liked my art that way, and so forth.

Fast forward a year, during which I’d tried many ideas, textures and great doses of frustration. On February, I finally had a piece that I felt it was worth sending to him.
I could say that all that time was wasted but I’m glad I took my chances, even when that screaming voice in my head would tell me that I was never going to be able to deliver on my promise, blah, blah, blah. I’m glad I took my time, learning during the process that:

+ sometimes, less IS more
+ technique is a good thing to have when you don’t have a clue about what to do next
+ inspiration is something that comes while you’re working

I’m glad to report that Albert received the piece in Budapest this week and was very happy with it. The best thing for me is to know that, he has a piece that was made for him and I have a piece of me in Budapest, the city I love.

Here are some pictures of the place. If you ever go to Budapest…



Man and dog 20140609-235626-86186987.jpg 20140609-235626-86186763.jpg 20140609-235626-86186847.jpg


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