I’m not a feminist, and I must say that I do not believe that everybody is equal. I think the beauty lays in the difference and the more diversity, the better. Before my enemies pick up the stones, I have to state the obvious: I’m not talking about civil rights. I’m for a diverse congress, for instance, where different ideas and proposals can be debated; I’m for the right to disagree.

Since the past week, I’ve been helping moving things, loading and unloading, lifting super-heavy stuff in 16 hands and taking in all the inevitable changes. I then, carried out to declutter in my own house, starting off in the closet, which was making me tired, every time I had to look at it. So, the work began. That was when I found the 3 bras that I’ve never used on a hanger

coffee2 copy

I don’t recall exactly when I decided not to wear them anymore. I don’t think I was ever too keen on them, of course, I’m not a booby person, voluptuous is not my name, but there is something there, I know, I breast-fed my child. But my decision was solely  based on comfort. These things can be very uncomfortable around the chest and as far as I know, unlike they want us women to think, they don’t really help with the effects of gravity. To be fair, I’ve worn bras when I used to work in an office, because ‘I had to’. Hated every second of it. The best part of my day back then was getting in my car to drive home, when I could take them off. I had a system that I could do it, anywhere, without people noticing it. It’s all about being quick and precise, like a Ninja, pow!

I don’t work in an office anymore, God was good to me. I don’t ‘have to’  anymore, therefore I don’t. The women reading this piece of useless information would ask, but what do you do with transparent or too revealing clothes? Well, I don’t wear totally transparent and revealing clothes. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about downsizing my wardrobe to a piece of comfortable pair of jeans and a few Tees. In fact, my clothes are all bras-proof and for a piece or two, I usually wear a scarf strategically placed.

I have lots of scarfs. Indeed.


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