I know, maybe this post should be about Mother’s Day and how great my mum is, which she is indeed, or how my aunts and grandmother were also like mothers to me, but I can’t stop thinking about yoga. Yes, Yoga.
I have no rational explanation for that but the fact that, since I’ve started practicing it, my hip feels much alive and the lower back pain has improved tremendously. I’ve also noticed that my hands are much stronger, which is a plus when one has to open jars and gesso encrusted pots to coat a surface for painting.

It all started when, as I was out for my daily walk, thinking about life, the universe and everything, it came to my mind “you need to practice yoga”, and I obeyed it. It is not like I go about doing everything that the voice in my head tells me to do, but this time it made sense. So, I started my yoga journey, which in the very beginning was nothing but hard. Although I have years of ballet practice, yoga is a very different game for my body, and to admit that my lower back was suffering because of my weak core, was a bit too much. But I got through the first class, huffing and puffing, but feeling overall amazed of how a deep breath could help my brain shift from I can’t manage to get out of this twisted arm/leg lock I’m in, I’m so screwed… to hmmm…if I breathe deep enough I can think about something else, and is not a big deal if I fall flat on my stomach, you get the picture.

The week would go by, and I’d feel more energetic, patient and with less pain. Some days I would not feel pain at all. That was when I realised that I was hooked, and there would be no looking back for me. Yoga has taught me to go over the bump, to stay focused, to shift my state of mind, to understand my limits and the amazing thing is, basically all I’m doing is taking a good old deep breath. I’m a happier person, indeed.


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