It has been a while since I’ve noticed this happening, like an epidemic speech disease. I first though it was only the young and beautiful, like Dalia Royce in the Suburgatory TV show, but then I started to do the math and…no, to the despair of my ears this is spreading among the Balzac generation too. It’s hard to describe how this sounds with my limited english language skills, but I’ll try. It is not a squeak, not a high pitched voice, although you may hear it combined with both, depending on gender, race, or even peer group.

Take a look how Dalia speaks and you’ll know what I mean. Don’t even need to watch it, you can close your eyes and listen for 10 seconds.

It sounds like a voice constipation, trying to make its way out from the vocal chords to the mouth. Then, the words come out as if the person has just ran out of air, and is breathing in as is talking out. Or even, like the poor thing is being squeezed on the chest, but still has to find a way to speak.  In anyways, it all sounds like they are making this HUGE effort to speak, and when they do, the sentences always finish sounding like a question mark, even when they are actually affirming something.

Psychologists and the sort might have a different take on the matter, perhaps a theory that this way of talking is only a sign of how communication is changing, reflecting how this generation is lacking motivation, even for simple things, like speaking. Or, that verbal communication as we know it is coming to an end, as technology takes over even on the primary functions of human cognitive skills.

Whatever it is, I don’t know about you, but it all sounds very annoying to me. Probably you are talking this way and and haven’t even noticed it, because as I said, it is catchy and spreads like a disease.  In case you are, sorry, there is no solution to your problem?


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