After the hard freeze, here came the rain.
Perfect day for coffee, book and … Coffee.
After a busy morning, I got some time down at the studio to try new things with my oil crayons. And that is the picture of the day, my gel/ gesso brush resting in water.

A week ago, I decided to try a photojojo wide and macro lenses. Despite the fact that the instructions are written in Chinese-English:

it should be grateful to use the phone if the camera lens at the center, on the direct absorption in the ring to use

I’m happy to inform that my Portuguese language skills came in handy this time.
Lenses are installed and ready to go. I also promise to put them away as instructed in Chinese-English:

please in the light of chart 6 to pack away the lens after take out. For protect lens surface. (See chart 6)

Chart 6, as my 3 readers might be guessing, is a picture in English.


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