First, I must start by saying that I have no political agenda, I don’t tend to the right, centre or left, I am not affiliated to any party or association, or club or union, or anything of the sort. I’m not even an US citizen yet – something I’m working on – therefore I cannot register to vote on the next presidential election. I’m like the british singer, Sting: a legal alien in Houston, TX. No, I’m not offended that they call my kind ‘alien’ because that’s how I feel sometimes in this world, which again, doesn’t have anything to do with where I live. The world, per se, sometimes feels indeed, an alien place to me.

Having said that, as an alien, I think I do have some advantages over the US citizens, as I can observe the political process and disengage from the nitty-gritty aspects of deciding who is the best candidate for the high seat of this wonderful country. And because of that, I can also state my opinions without running the risk of losing my few american friends over it, or being called bias for this or that.

As an observer, and taking advantage of the free speech, I’d have some suggestions for the next president, yes, I’m that feisty. Why? Because, one day, I will be a citizen and I will have a ‘voice’ that will make a difference.

I have a kid who is in the path to graduate from High School, next year. I’m on that age where I have to take care of myself, so I don’t end up with medical bills that I would have to sell my house, just to pay for the ambulance service. I don’t know if my 2 readers noticed, but these are just two very crucial aspects of our lives, education and health.

So, here are my humble suggestions for the next President:

+ The public educational system is limping, but is still a great thing: giving these kids the opportunity to go to good schools and get a fair basic education is the right thing for these young citizens. But, slamming the door at their faces for a higher education is not cool. My kid is set for 2 years in a Community College – more affordable – and then, he might face the odds of getting in debt to be able to get a BA, which is again, a basic 4-year university course, supposed to give him a diploma which will, more or less, define what he is going to be and how he is going to earn a decent living.

There must be a way to get these young adults to graduate without this burden. I’m sure there are enough clever people out there thinking about that, but why not extend these more affordable community colleges programs? Why can’t this country have Universities funded with federal and state money and partnerships that could make it possible for future generations to have the chance for a higher education? Make it competitive, make them work for a place, make it affordable, make it possible for them to give back to the community. If you build, they’ll come.

+ In the health care issue, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me that we have to pay for vaccines, for instance. Vaccination is a public health issue, it should be a free public health service. It doesn’t make sense to me to pay a fortune for basic health care like birth control, minor stitches, pre-natal care, infant health checks, just to name a few. There must be a way to make these basics services available to the public, if not for free, for a fee that we don’t need to cry over it.

There, I’ve said it. I haven’t seen any of the candidates talking about that, talking about a REAL change. One wants to move forward (?) and the other one wants to do something, somehow. Both seem to realize that America is not the big great country it used to be.

The big difference for me though, is that Obama looks like he wants to be the politically correct one, even if it means lowering some bars on the way. As for Romney, he seems to be more eager to call the duck a duck, even if it means not being politically correct.

2 thoughts on “ A few suggestions for the next President ”

  1. Love the comments on education and healthcare – very practical and down to earth and the best ideas I’ve heard. So I’m voting for Tati for president! 🙂



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