Yes, yes, It WAS just a paint job that span out of control.

So, now that the hideous vanity is gone, the tiles are out, the gigantic mirror is in pieces and all that is left are the Hollywood lights, we decided to spend the holiday break tackling the bathroom. That involved renting a super grinder tool that would do the work of getting the floor smooth enough to install the bamboo flooring. Not so fast.

After a trip to the rental shop – it’s far people, Mike got home with the tool that, instead of smoothing the floor, kept blowing the circuits  off, with the remark “I think I’ve toasted the bathroom sockets”. Well, the tool was defective and it had to be returned, which involved another long trip to the shop. Half-day gone.

Meanwhile, I wanted to finish my painting job, which now is out of control, with a life of its own, spreading from the bathroom to the living room and the kitchen. I got the paint I wanted, but when I put the color on, “hmmm….doesn’t look good, need to turn the green down a bit, the guy said I could take it back so that’s what I’m going to do”.

Closed the paint gallon, drove to the shop. Got to the shop, open the booth and yes, there was paint all over it. ALL over.

This is me trying to clean it up.

Needless to say that, instead of painting I had to spend the other half of the day cleaning the mess, which is, of course, a disaster.

Well, I think we’ll call it for the day, have a beer and start over tomorrow.

And all I wanted was to paint the bathroom…


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