I guess I’m not the only one watching the Olympics. I go for the live events that interest me the most, and Badminton is definitely not one of them. Unless the Koreans and the Chinese are trying to lose the game and get disqualified. Then, the plot thickens. But Badminton brings some childhood memories when I used to get a pair os rackets for Christmas, just to learn that it was harder to find a friend willing to play the game with me than the game itself. So, to me, Badminton is not an olympic sport, folks.

Having said that, I enjoy the spirit, the competitions, the games and the athletes. I was once an amateur athlete and I sort of know more or less, how hard you have to work for just one game. Imagine doing that as a career…it takes a lot of…hmmm…guts. And, courage. I’ve watched some Youtube videos of the gymnasts falling from the apparatuses, and oh, it hurts. Contrary to what my enemies must say about me, I don’t laugh at things like that. But I couldn’t help myself laughing about this chinese athlete, called Dong Dong.

Dong Dong is a trampoline jumper, which IS an Olympic sport. Dong Dong made a brilliant performance on the trampoline and wan the gold medal. Watching his scores, he cried and cried. Mike said that he was crying because of his name, and with a name like Dong Dong, the only thing left for him in life was to become a trampoline athlete.

Boys, I laughed.

And in between olympic events, I was revamping, with a lush, my bedroom, which was looking like a Dong Dong without the trampoline. It takes a lot of work, but it is coming along beautifully, looking more like ‘someone cares’.

Thing is, I got a cold and had to put the last final touches to the side, while I stay in bed, drinking coffee between naps and sneezes and watching the Olympic’s gods messing up with predictions, expectations and podiums. I guess they are having a blast.


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