I could say that this has been a busy summer, not so much for fun activities and beach sun-tanning, beer at the pier with friends, sunset cheering here and so forth. I’ve been busy driving teens around town, which gives me plenty of time to listen to the radio programs.

On saturday, I was driving around and the new NPR’s trivia program was on, with Simon Doonan as guest. Mr. Doonan is the author of the book ‘Gay men don’t get fat’, which I still haven’t read maybe because, as far as I know, I’m not a man nor gay, or fat, but this is not important.

I had fun listening to Mr. Doonan answering the trivia questions, and giving tips here and there on how to behave socially. One of the things he suggested on the program is actually something I’m willing to try next time I’m about to have my picture taken: say “lush” instead of cheese. It’s much more pleasant and chic, says Mr. Doonan.

The other suggestion is even more fun: when asked about this habit that american women have of going out to Walgreens wearing their pajamas, he says: “well, if you’re going to do it, turn up the volume and get the silkiest and most luxurious one! Be the person who wears the most gorgeous pajamas out there!”

He has a point. I (still) don’t wear my pajamas to go to Walgreens, but I can say “lush” as much as want now.

Lush, lush, lush. Happy Monday.

2 thoughts on “ things i hear while driving: lush ”

  1. HI Tati, I am glad to find you. I sent you a mail in “Art Journaling”. I found your mail 4 weeks after you sent it and was sorry about that – the four weeks – not the mail…
    I like your your journal pages so much, as well the journal you have made yourself.

    Ciao Beate



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