So, I have some sisters. The oldest is a study-case, a confused mum of three, who does her best to keep the balls running at home.

Yesterday, my niece had to perform at a talent show – things that only parents and grannies can endure – and there she was, all  dressed up – she is  crazy but very chic indeed, with her video camera at hand, when someone very discreetly got close to her and said:

“Miss, Miss…”
“You are wearing two different boots on your feet”.

Thing is, people who know her, would not think much about it. To solve the situation, she called her husband at home and asked him to bring one boot – a single one – over to the place, so she could pair it up with any of the ones she had on her feet . He asked no questions, and did as he was told.
As he arrived at the place and handed over the one boot to her, she realized that it belong to a whole different pair of boots.
In between laughs she managed to say: “I had no idea that I had three pairs of boots in the closet!”
I do pity her, sometimes.

Saturday afternoon, and I went with Mike to the Traders Village. I finally found out where are the lost screw drivers and the Barbies that have never been found.
Between shops, I found some good paper for my art-journaling and spent the fortune of U$ 3.50.
Life is good.

The lost screw-drivers
..and the Barbies that have never been found
A lovely table - not for sale.


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