Well, with the pain on my stomach almost under control, I went with Mike and the new-comer Theo-son to the International festival downtown Houston. As Mike said “I know, the country this year is Argentina, but…” (sic)
As it is an International Festival, there is a little bit of everything from everywhere. As we were walking in, I heard some Brazilian music-samba going on in one of the stages. I had no choice but to hold my stomach and dance the samba to the songs I so much recognized from the Carnival and the frevo, from the Northeast of Brazil. I even managed to find a 3 year-old partner, which made the remembrance of the pain and misery disappear in the ether of the sounds of my country. I love Brazil.

Here are some pictures taken from downtown Houston, which seemed more beautiful than normal.

Ecologically and colorfully correct
The colors of Africa
This is not Rio
Argentinian part of the Festival
The new-comer at the cookie trailer
Waiting for Godot
Houston downtown architecture


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