I rest my case. Of all people, I’m guilty of this sin, therefore I write.

Receiving a  gift is a wonderful thing. For one, is free – unless you give it to yourself, which is not the case here – and a gift can say a thousand words. It means that someone thought of you, took time to search for it, paid for it, wrapped it up, wrote a card, put lots of energy into the gesture just to see you smile, giggle,  happy. And you should be happy, even when it’s not what you’ve wanted, or needed, or even thought you deserve it. We never deserve it, anyway, that’s why it is a gift. It’s the gesture that counts.

After all said and done, there is another side to this human interaction, and this is the receiving side. Let’s admit it: we are clumsy, rude, selfish, childish human beings. Words come out of our mouths, because we have to say something and when receiving a gift, I suggest, just because I see myself doing it all the time, taking a deep breath and consider what NOT to say:

+ You didn’t need to…
+ It must have costed a fortune!
+ Oh, I saw one just like that but in red. It was gorgeous!
+ Hmmm made in china hmmm, I see…
+ Oh my sister wanted one just like that! She’s going to be sooooo jealous!
+ “is there a laptop in here?!”(please don’t try to guess…)

You get the picture.

If you really liked  the gift, shower the people you love with love. Otherwise, better just to say thank you. “Thank you” is good, followed by a sincere smile is even better.



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