I should be working harder. Or maybe not, I work hard enough, my lower back is the living proof of it. Sunday-yesterday  I took a peek at the front garden and decided to agree with some theory that says the outside is a reflection of the inside. A mess. And I DO have a good sense of aesthetics. Maybe I just lack a green finger.

I know, it’s not nice to look at the neighbor’s grass because it is ALWAYS greener anyway, but I had to turn my head on that direction. The dear next door neighbor has the most beautiful flower bed of the entire neighborhood. My sense of white-light envy says: “oh, she does work for a landscape firm, no wonder she gets the YARD OF THE MONTH award every summer“.
Yes, people, the Association has time for that, and they give away a plate and everything; some say that there is even a little money involved. That I don’t know.
All I know is that it took more work than I thought it would but still, I look at my flower bed and can’t help thinking that I should definitely look into some Bach flower essence that could “bring back the sense of organization when color-confusion sets in the brain for obvious reasons“.


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