Composer Philip Glass is 75 today. This is not a piece of information that is going to change anyone’s life, but he happens to be one of those rare souls that are born into this world every 100 years, if so.
This morning, on my way back from dance classes, I was listening to NPR broadcasting this interview, which brought much joy to my journey.

Talking about the relationship between technique and style he arrives to that, which I consider a pearl of wisdom:

The voice

The real issue is not how do you find your voice, but how to get rid of it.
Getting the voice isn’t hard, is getting rid of the damn thing.
Because, when you’ve got the voice, you are kind of stuck with it.


On style

“In order to arrive at a personal style, you have to have a technique to begin with. In other words, when I say that style is a special case of technique, you have to have the technique — you have to have a place to make the choices from. If you don’t have a basis on which to make the choice, then you don’t have a style at all. You have a series of accidents.”

I’ve learned something precious today. And I might have to get rid of some “accidents”.


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