Acting my age size: Hypericum pertoratum

I look at the flat line for the blog’s stats and something tells me that I should post something.

Thing is, since I’ve decided to go back to my dancing – it is all out there on the “About moi” page, I feel happier, energized and motivated. I’ve learned, after many years of pliés and tombés, that there is nothing a good shot of endorphins won’t cure. Oh yes, there is the adrenaline too. But, there is something that I’ve also learned and that is with age, comes wisdom and pain in the joints. The photo says a lot about the reality of my aged body. Instead of going for the cookie dough and cakes aisle at the Whole Foods market, I catch myself looking over the Homeopathy section for “Healthy joints”. Bother. See, this is only a phase. It is like after taking all that rust and gunk out of my system, I’m on a realignment stage. To my bones, this is painful. But this too shall pass.

Meanwhile I have to cope with it on the most graceful and organic manner. I’ve been taking all these homeopathy globules and rubbing the chinese funny-smelling oils on my injuries and slowly I hope I can come up to the other end of the rainbow without a limp.

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