Well, most would agree that Friday is one of the best days of the week. It is like a ‘humf’ a  relief, and everybody is happy and giggly.
So it happened that today, I had some errands to run, as there is always something to do and no rest. And, with the Holiday Season already here, the people that drive are all loose out there. Welcome to the jungle.
Really, in less than 10 minutes in the traffic I almost got assaulted by an angry lady at the parking lot, banging on my window. Apparently  she felt that I was going to run over her. As I pulled out to the traffic lights, another driver in front of me signaled left, as she was clearly turning right.
So, I called Mike to vent:

“Mike, really, this is horrible, what is WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!”
“I know sweetie. Just remember the third rule.”
“And, what is that?”
“Everybody else in the traffic is an idiot.”
“Oh, I see…”

For those who are curious, Mike learned these rules from his dad, who taught him how to drive when he was a teenager.
Rule # 1: “If you go, go. If you stay, stay. Don’t go AND stay.”
Rule # 2: “Kill the dog.”
Rule # 3:  I’ve already told you.



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