For the past week or so, we’ve been having problems with the Internet connections. Until last Tuesday, when everything stopped working. Great. At least, was not in the middle of Thanksgiving, when the house was full of dear visitors and other electronic gadgets that required a connection.

So, the visitors parted, the house felt empty and..silent. And, for a strange reason, I loved it!

No cable TV, no phone, no Internet. Just the normal world as it was before everything became ether. I became a more productive person. I cleaned the house, organized the pantry, got rid of the green gooey and other strange matter in the cupboards, managed to fit everything in the linen closet, read, and did all the normal productive things humans used to do without the need to press the delete key or a space bar. I did have to go to Starbucks at one point, as I was in need for a connection because of work. Apart from that, life was beautiful and…normal, which proves that I CAN live without all that crap for a few days.

Thanksgiving was great, with kids, sister, brother-in-law, dad, visits to the Zoo, skate park, museum, playground, lots of good food and love. I felt like this bird that I saw at the Zoo, which I don’t the name. But he does look happy.

A bientôt.


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