As everybody gets ready for Thanksgiving dinners and family gatherings, food orgies and farting, I reckon people around the nation are also cleaning. At least, I like to have my house clean to receive guests. Even if they are “just” family. “Just” family can be VERY reputation-damaging.

I felt happy after a full day’s work to have the energy left to clean the teen’s bathroom (I know, at my own risk) because this is the bathroom that is going to be shared with the guests and nobody deserves to shower surrounded by that grime. That’s when I realised that I need a cleaning lady.

I’ve spent most of the yesterday in the kitchen, preparing the food for the big turkey event. It’s funny that in this age and time, we need to pay big bucks for a “natural-organic turkey”. Really. My grandpa is turning on his grave. I like to think that I come from a time where all the chickens, turkeys and the sort were natural-organic birds, because that’s the way the world was. So, we bought the antibiotic-free turkey. One that eats normal ground food, leaves cage-free and goes for a walk everyday. One that won’t make me grow a third nipple. I hope it tastes good.

But I’m grateful for family and friends. My dad came all the way from Brazil and my sister and the kids all the way from Virginia, and some friends are coming to share and celebrate this Thankful moment. Because I’m thankful just for being alive and healthy, here-now, for having so much to be thankful for.


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