Yes, I use that word. Reflection, not as the image in a mirror sense, but more what I do when something keeps bugging me, when I can’t get around to pinpoint it, or when I can’t quite find a plausible answer for it. So, I reflect upon it.

As I evolve on my journal pages, read books, magazines and surf the web for things that interest me, I must confess that I get a little overwhelmed by the amount of information and images. The information actually doesn’t bother me much, as being a good dyslectic, I do a lot of skimming through the texts and my mind ends up grabbing what is interesting in the text. Handy.

On the other hand, the images are a bit overwhelming, not for so much for their quality, as for their resemblance, the sameness, the similarity, something I call “the bird with the hat” image. A sort of unconscious reflexion?

Who said that you have to cover your page/canvas background with text pages from an old book, news-paper or whatever has a printed text on it to make the background “more” interesting? Or that layers and layers and endless layers make it more textured and therefore, “interesting”? What IS interesting, anyway? I’ve been struggling with a piece here and I can’t help but looking at it and hearing from it the same question – yes I do talk to inanimate things.

Who said so?

Just food for thought.


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