Lost ancient indian, found on a Thrift store in Texas. Haw.

Well, I finally got all the updates right on my Mac. I’m not a gig or any of the sort, but Apple does make things easy and I don’t have to hear the irritating chimes from Windows, foreseeing problems when everything is going to go bad, bad. Thank goodness.

Talking to my older sister today, we found out that menstruating after 40+ becomes a case of public calamity.

sister: “Tati, I don’t know what is happening, but it gets worse by the second. Things are flying from my hands, I don’t know if I go or if i stay, brain connections failing.”
me: “I know how it’s like. My legs are all bruised from bumping into furniture. And I don’t know how to drive home anymore. A real problem”.
sister: “remember mum, when she would juggle things on the air?”
me: “Yes, I do, that was it.”
sister: “Yes, yes, on these days, I cannot go out with myself, it is a danger to be loose out there.”

*laughing loud*

Obs: my older sister has always been a danger to society. But with age it came good sense, and she found out that she cannot put other people’s lives at risk on the grocery store.

Temperatures are up again in Texas and I don’t know if I should either turn on the AC or the heat. As I’ve been ecologically correct, I do neither. Who knows, it might rain.
Break is over, back to work.


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