While I was on the West coast, I was thinking about many things, such as.. hang on…

before I continue, I want to send a kiss to my mum, to my 7 year-old niece, who threatened her dad to take his coffee away if he continues to refuse to pick up after himself and mess up the house, and to my dear readers whose visits I cherished so at the coffee counter.

So, after 2 whole days, I guess I’m finally back to the normal mode of brain function. Really.

The person after 40 is not the same. That’s why I decided to change the name of this post to:

10 things you couldn’t care less after 40

+ what people will think about me
+ what people won’t think about me
+ good moral values
+ underwear matching the socks and the nail polish
+ wear a bra
+ any clothing whatsoever that is not comfortable
+ remember people’s names, in strange parties
+ drink more than you should, particurlary cheap wine. It takes at least 48 hours to recover from the cardboard taste in the mouth and recup the sense of direction (just don’t do it)
+ diets, lights, tasteless food of any sort
+ high heels
+ annoying people
+ cool things, pre-openings, the last trend, the last anything

The list goes on and on, but I will spare my 3 readers of this torture. After 40 life becomes absolutely fabulous.

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