Spent a long weekend at Port Townsend, Fort Warden State Park, enjoying the Journalfest classes. Things are still sinking in, but it’s time to get some pictures out there. What a beautiful place, a wonderful and inspiring scenario, which made me dance inside.
As my body was on central time, I woke up every morning to take a walk before the sunrise. Back to the dorm, I grabbed my camera to see if I could capture the beauty of that place.

This girl was the perfect model. I still don’t know if she was doing some Tai – Chi or Yoga. All I know is that she was at the perfect place at the perfect time.

An overview of the dorm.

The view of the mountain. THAT is a happy bird!

The pier

In a  beautiful sunny afternoon, after class.

Funny the way the deers walk around with no fear of people. I guess they know they own the place. This one was even showing off to me.

A dear visitor

The morning fog left a wonderful texture to the ground…

And the afternoon light an amazing painting on the skies. I finally understood a little better about Van Gogh’s yellows.

Charming mail boxes

The chapel of the art saints.

I had an unforgettable time. Hope my 3 readers enjoyed the pics as much as I’d enjoyed taking them.

Time for a cuppa.

3 thoughts on “ At the Journalfest 2011 ”

  1. Hello Tati thanks for sharing. port townsend is one of my favorites spots in the whole world. i usually come in april for artfest the place is so beautiful i know i wouldn t mind living there. the photos are great i understand what you said you dance inside that’s completely how i feel when i m there. have a nice week end xo



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