Ozzy by TG

So, when I miss my kid, I call him on Skype and we talk, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we chat away, and I lift my hands to the heavens for the Internet and because I can do that without longing for the postman; and because I don’t run the risk of not recognizing him the next time we meet in person.

Today, we were talking and I told him about my admiration for people like him, that can draw:

son: but mum, I don’t know how to draw, I just copy it.
mum (me): let me ask you something: when you draw, do you look at the picture and free draw it or do you use a transfer paper to copy the image?
son: I look at the picture and draw it.
mum: So, you know how to draw. For instance: when I look at the picture and draw it, it looks like : “is it a bird? An airplane? No, it’s Batman!” whereas when YOU draw, people know what or who it is. Do you understand la difference?

Mike Durnt by TG

And just to prove my point, here are some samples of the teenager who knows how to draw, since he was a little boy.

No, I’m not a proud soccer mum.


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