I must confess, sometimes I REALLY want something. But as things are just things, I let go, it’s not priority, blah, blah, blah.

I always wanted one of those little water fountains in the garden, making little watery noises in a corner, light, free, with no hurry. A water flowing, fresh and beautiful. And I spend years flirting with some nice ones at the shops. Of course you bump into those that fell from the ugly tree and hit every brunch on the way down, with dolphins, gnomes and fairies all together-now. There are the ones that look like the Niagara falls, which makes you wonder, who has a garden THAT big?

At last, the water fountain is here. The circumstance is not the happiest, but my friend is throwing some stuff out and asked me if I wanted the water fountain. Ah, I couldn’t say no to that.

Today I cleaned it up, changed the water and tested to see how it is working, after being so forgotten in a corner, despised, in desperate need for attention.
This is the water fountain I always wanted.
Is easy to be happy, isn’t it?

The forgotten
A cleaning job
The living water!

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