Last Saturday, I went to the art festival at downtown Houston to see what the artsy people were up to.



1. Someone who indulges in the arts, don’t talk about it much, have been interested in the general perception of “art” for a long time. They often don’t feel the need to show off, and to be “artsy” someone else usually says so, because they would never refer to themselves as such. Usually wears a certain style of clothes, normally something seen as “indie” or “classy” (dress shirts and other formal attire for non-formal occasions) …

I was lucky to meet Chris at the stand where he was showing his beautiful work and, to my surprise, we ended up having a great chat.
He told me he used to be a musician and made the transition into photography. I shared with him that I was a retired-due-to-the-old-bones ballet-contemporary dancer/teacher/choreographer and I was now playing with Art Journaling and that this whole transition has been a little, let’s say, challenging for me. I asked him:

tati: “How do you do it?”
chris: “Don’t get in the way”

That’s when I had that moment, when the Universe seemed to stop and the words made total sense.
Out of the way I should get.

Here is his site for those artsy people who love a good eye for the lens.
Chris Coffey Photographs.

2 thoughts on “ Site du jour: Chris Coffey ”

    1. These ARE the moments, it made all the difference to me. I ended up buying one small print from him. Now I need to frame it and find a perfect place for it as a reminder to stay out of the way. Thanks for coming by!



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