So, there is something about me: I often go to bed late and wake up very early. I call “waking up” the act of one opening one’s eyes. The dictionary calls it “cause to become awake or conscious”. For me, the ‘conscious’ part can only take place after some rituals i.e. face washing, teeth brushing etc and a couple of coffee mugs. Even so, I consider that I’ve entered the conscious state only after 10am, no matter how many tasks I’ve already finished around the house.

In this transition state, it is NOT recommended:

+ speak. In any language or form. With anyone.
+ read
+ give out any information, including my name
+ numbers are totally out of the question
+ pick up the ringing phone

I’m not a Mac freak, but I have a Mac. When I bought my MacBook I was a Windows user for a looooong time, an unfaithful one, I must say, as I flirted with a Mac for years. The transition went smoothly, and then I didn’t want any other life. The thing about the Mac is that it works FOR me, not otherwise. And together we live happily ever after. Tra-lá-lá
When I saw Steve Jobs disappearing before our eyes, I was already conformed with the fact that he was not going to last long. It is indeed a great loss, but I’d rather see it like the suffering has ended, the pain, the agony. Now he is resting from all that. I just hope that Apple will survive without his brilliant mind.


The guilty old grumpy companion

And, to end this useless post, the house is glooming AND clean. Clair Clarissa, aka ClaCla my alter-ego cleaning lady, wouldn’t leave me alone, nagging about the guests coming tomorrow. Gucci, my old grumpy companion decided that the cleaning was not up to his standards and vomited all over the floor. ugh.


A bientot.


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