I’m addicted to books.

Having said that, I have many on my bookshelf that are still waiting for my hands and eyes, but who cares. Besides, there are those moments where I get obsessed about a certain subject and then, I have to get by with the help of the Saint of the  lost causes. Besides, there are the books that have been following me, like Psychology theories books, which haven’t made me an expert or anything of the sort, but they do help on the small talks. As I don’t talk much, I must say, I feel a little overloaded by the theories. And puzzled, and this I heard on the radio the other day, as we have managed to send men to the moon, have babies in bottles, but there is no surgery that will fix crossed eyes.

Having also said that, my eyes are not crossed, but I’m a little dyslexic, which is a good load to carry already. But, see for yourselves my 3 readers, although my eyes are doing the job with the help of some 2.75 reading glasses, my dyslexic makes me read “salletite” instead of “satellite” . Difficult. I guess that’s why I don’t read books on Quantum Physics. Imagine if I was crossed eye. I’m glad God does not give us more than we can take.

Well, back to the books, I wanted to buy ONE book from Uppercase, a super-cosy publisher that I love. But there was this bundle and I could get 4 for the price of 2. Overwhelmingly irresistible. Then there was the waiting they’re-here-no-they’re-not week. I guess this is how retired people feel about things.

The books finally arrived yesterday and they are super-charming. Now I just have to wait for that rainy-cool day for everything to be perfect as the eternity and I can die happy and smiling, wrapped on my books.


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