Autumn is here. Not that is cool and fresh, and the leaves on the trees are getting orange and red or the day breaks with that cool fog. None of the sort. But at least, it has been LESS hot in the mornings. The bliss about living in Texas.

I decided that I enjoy the transitional seasons: spring and autumn. Maybe because I was born in May, autumn in the southern atmosphere  hemisphere. Cool.

And since I decided to move my Com Cafe blog from Blogger to WordPress, I have discovered the other side of the Internet. To explain the discomfort – besides the one that comes with trying new things – it’s jut like cat people and dog people. These type of people are totally different and I know that there are books on the subject. I consider myself and open person, I love cats, but I have a dog. The day my grumpy old Gucci dies, I might get a cat to keep me company.

The problem with cats is that they choose us. WordPress is not like that, but it is a bit of a cat thang.

3 thoughts on “ Thangs ”

  1. Hi – and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my ‘Rain’ photo. It’s Spring here in Sydney and I love the promise of longer days and beach weather and long cotton dresses. I hope you enjoy your transition into Winter over there. I like your description of yourself as being a Christian with no particular club membership – I think I might borrow that about myself one day!
    I love Siena too… I spent a few months studying there years ago. Such a magical place!


    1. Ingrid, I was browsing your blog and I love the pictures! You have such a good eye. I’ve never been to Australia, I’d love to go. I always thought that it is a mixture of the lovely England with the tropical Brazil.
      As for the description, you can borrow it at any time. I’m so blessed and so grateful to God that somehow the institution was getting in the way.
      Italy is awesome, isn’t it?


  2. Indeed it is! Australia is much more European than England. It’s a very multi-cultural place. And very beautiful, too… But I do miss being able to immerse myself in a different country without having to spend hours and hours (and $$$) on a plane, something I took SO for granted when I lived in Europe!



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