While the world spins around, my head is going the other way. Really. Those days where I wake up feeling confused and loose like shoelaces in a 5-year-old shoes, I feel like drinking all the coffee in the house. ALL of it and get really hyper, and pretend  I’m understanding it all. I guess I need a dragon.

While the dragon is on its way, I insist in maintaining an  abnormal routine. I read the other day at Real Simple that you should eat the same thing for breakfast everyday, as to avoid conflict of choices. That’s the reason why so many people skip breakfast and this is not good for you. No, no, no. But who, in their mad minds, can eat the SAME THING for breakfast every-day? Not me.

Well, I decided I hate good manners and rules and being told how should I do stuff. To tell the truth, I’ve been a little sick (really sick to my stomach) of the tyrant inside of me. I’m going to send him away, tell him that I can do what I want and he can sleep with this noise. It’s horrible to have a super-ego whose big thrill is to kill bugs on the corner of my head.

Gotta get some coffee.


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