There are certain inanimate things that follow us through life. The picture shows a mug that came from Salvador, Ba – NE Brazil about 11 years ago. What the dinosaur is doing in Bahia is a mystery, but who cares?

One of my faves is a letter opener that I got as present from South Africa, about 20 years ago.  I have a Filofax refill agenda, that looks as new as when I bought it, more than 10 years ago . I don’t use it as a agenda anymore, but it has become the perfect place  to keep little papers with very important notes scribbled on them.

These things have no monetary value, but sentimental, which is what makes them so charming and special in life. I have moved houses, work places, countries and there they were, surviving all these changes with me.

And what about you? What are the things that followed you through your life?

2 thoughts on “ Cafe du Jour ”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving an attentive comment behind, I very much appreciate it.
    I too, have moved from continent to continent to continent…and with me I brought my Hebrew books, my collection of beads and a meteor my boyfriend at the time found in the Sinai desert. He kept an identical one, it was a friendship thing. When I arrived to the US it arrived broken in halves….the books are gone, the beads are gone too, but this meteor stayed with me. I don’t know why.



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