Ok, Friday. Good, cool and nice fresh air outside. I set up my gear to go for a walk and get out of the house earlier this morning, but since I found Netflix streaming, my nights have been long. And since today is Friday, I decided that it was OK to be up late, as Fridays tend to be more chaotic than any other day of the week. Why? Because there is a law in the parallel universe that says:

“Thou shall sort out all the week backlog on Fridays”. 

And, so it is. Traffic gets heavier, as everybody seems to be going somewhere. They hold  parties on Friday nights, and they need to get things going. They are going for a weekend trip somewhere, and things need to get organized. They hold meetings to talk about nothing, so they can decide to postpone everything for the next week. The dogs need to be groomed, the kids have practices in the evening , judo, ballet, football, baseball, soccer. And, we need to visit grandma. We need to bake a pie and do the laundry and clean the house. And, oh, yes, the garage needs a good feng-shui. And in between, we need to squeeze gym, yoga, pilates and the plan to start a new diet on…Monday.

As the laws of the parallel universe come in pairs, together with the Friday backlog there is a force that is called time, and you won’t have time to do all these things on a single Friday, anyway.

I guess that’s why we have other days in the Greek calendar.

Halo to the Athenians.


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