So, as it is with every unrestful soul, sometimes I have trouble falling asleep.  I know, I do everything you shouldn’t do in case you suffer from insomnia: I drink coffee before going to bed, I use the laptop, and when it is time, I listen to the Drama Radio series from BBC4 Extra, while playing solitaire. It is rather soothing, I must say.  It should put me right to sleep, but my brain gets hooked on the  conclusion of the episodes and from then on it’s a slippery slope to the land of the everlasting open eyes.

I don’t believe there is a real remedy for insomnia, unless you want to use heavy drugs or narcotics, and walk around the earth on a perennial fog. I don’t.

In the Drama categories there is “Crime”. One of my favorites is the priest-detective-stunt Paolo Baldi, with that soft voice that only the catholic priests seem to have. I guess they learn that at the seminary. The series is not available to listen on-line anymore , which is a shame. I used to go to bed with the priest every night and he would put me right to sleep.


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