My grandma, who left this world without saying goodbye, used to call upon Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, every time there was a screwup in the kitchen.

I don’t know who this Lady is, but I’ve always thought that her name was way too long.

Sunday morning, and my head hurts. The mouth hurts. Yesterday it hurt too. I’m just saying.

As there are things that get stuck inside my head, I know, I made a comment on my friend’s FB wall about her plans to see the  Momix dance company performing in Rio. I didn’t mean to rain on her parade, but I did: I said that, the last time I went to see their performance, I left in the middle of the torture. Somebody didn’t like my comment and posted it: “Silence is golden”.

I then silenced and didn’t make a reply, swearing with my little feet together that I would never comment on anybody’s plans ever again.

But I still think it’s just not worth it. Really. There I said it.


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