The Story of Art - E.H. Gombrich

When I was doing my course in Art Education, the teachers would suggest some books for us to read. Some of them were too expensive to buy, so there was a list of the ones available to borrow at the Library and others that we could copy extracts of texts here and there. But there were the very special ones  – and every teacher had their own private list – that we had to buy “to build up your own reference library”.

One of them was this one in the picture. I managed to buy it, after saving for some months, the Portuguese version of the 14th edition. I remember sucking from every page like a leech, trying to absorb as much as I could. But the reading is easy and pleasant, something very rare in brick-like books.

The book eventually got lost somehow. I’m not sure if I made the mistake to lend it to someone who decided to keep it, or if I lost it in one of the many house-moves, during the years. Fact is, I didn’t have the book anymore and although the editions were still available at the bookstores, somehow it had slipped to the waaayy back of my mind.

Today I went to the bookstore to browse around and there it was, looking at me. I have a thing I do when I get a book that I really want: I say to myself “if it costs more than so many dollars, then it is  staying here.” So I grabbed the book, went through its pages, and there it was, all of that beauty, the price was right and I brought home.

I’ve already opened it, broke the bone, and looked inside. I guess I’m going to have a great time on this Labor Day weekend.

Noise update: it has stopped. My dear daughter is too hyper to keep a practice for more than 30 min.

2 thoughts on “ Read, Love, Rest ”

    1. Fred, it’s indeed a great book. I couldn’t put it down last night! Good thing is you can skip chapters, go back to it, I love it!
      Thanks for dropping by! Take care.



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