Colleges tell smokers, ‘You’re not welcome here’ –

The link above will take you to an article about how college campus is a no, no, no place for smokers.

I read the story and the comments, and I can’t help but to try to voice my views on that. Of course, I smoke, which can make things a little bias. But I have a good sense of self-evaluation. I try to respect other people, their choices and I don’t try to impose my smoke on anyone.

Thing is, and this is me, every time I see something like that on the news it scares me the way we are trying to manage things that bother us. It scares me how easily the politically correctness has turned into a weapon, a tool to chop the good sense out of people. It scares me that we are vulnerable to believe in lies that want to impose on us the way we must think, behave and go about our lives. Usually these things have nothing to do with real values, character building or honesty: they’re just twisted “truths”. Just like a pinch of yeast that makes the whole batch grows.


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