Now, let’s talk about Brigadeiro. A sweet delicacy, the dessert Nirvana in the shape of condensed milk and chocolate, very famous in all Brazilian households. I cannot remember a birthday party where they were not the most important guests, the ultimate desire of all children and adults.

But, once you grow up a lot of years like me, you do the not-so-fancy version, just to eat straight from the pan. Of course, as soon as it’s cooked, it’s still very hot and anxiety has left me with many burns on my tongue. But there is nothing like the taste of a freshly cooked Brigadeiro, particurlary for women: it’s the best remedy for PMS and chocolate -sweet cravings.

The recipe is simple:

+ a can of condensed milk – you can find it at any decent supermarket

+ a tablespoon of butter

+ 2 tablespoons of chocolate powder

Mix the condensed milk, the butter and the chocolate in a small pan, medium heat.

The secret is to stir all the time with a wooden spoon, until it thickens, when you will see the mixture

loosing at the bottom of the pan. That’s when you have
to turn off the heat and let it cool off for 10 min, if you don’t want to burn your tongue.

Then enjoy, watching a fave movie or a baseball game like the Sox x Yankees.


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