I must confess that I have a hard time concentrating. Particularly on early mornings, when my brain needs at least 2 cups of coffee to connect the cognitive wires that speak english. I can explain this without having to concentrate too much: Portuguese is my mother language. In the mornings though, I tend to mumble until I can jump-start things inside my head; I can almost see the lights going on and off in there, “letter m before p and b”, “Your husband’s name is Mike, not Carl, not Mark”, “no, you don’t take sugar in your coffee, no, no”, “go and pee, for goodness’s sake”, and so on.

Of course the fact that I’m also pre-menopausing doesn’t help either. I read here and there that at this age, women tend to suffer from “poor concentration”. I was born with poor concentration. I guess it doesn’t get better with age.

So, in order to follow the yellow brick road of happiness, fitness and beauty, I go for a walk every day. 
 “Everyday” depends on how busy my brain feels as it wakes up and to remedy this I’m forced to sit down and list the tasks of the day. This helps figuring out that I’m functioning and that there ARE things to be done. Then, I go for a walk.  And as I walk, I take pictures. I meditate. I argue with people in my head.  I pray. I brainstorm solutions to cure diseases. I think about my kids. And, when I come back home, I’m fully awake.

But the part that I like most about my morning walks is to be able to take pictures and see beauty and miracles. Who needs concentration, anyway?


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